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Peace on Earth and Good Will To... Everyone

Xtians are driven to spread hope through imagination, reason, patient tuition, and kindness. Xtians charge ourselves to be the change we wish to have in the world. An Xtian never asks more of others what the Xtian themselves cannot already provide. Xtians create spaces of understanding, both psychologically and physical, to converse about the evils that plague our worlds, our lives, our cultures, and our societies.

We Are Light in the Dakness
About Our Following

We may at first appear Christian, and we do look to Jesus, but we also look to the Buddha, Muhammad, and others for allegorical wisdom and enlightenment. Using X to replace ‘Christ’ in phrases, like Xmas, is common, but ours is a more mathematical metaphor. In mathematical functions, the letter "x" is used as a variable, meaning it's used in place of The Unknown Value. Our Following may substitute any Value for Our Enlightenment. We may use Compassion, Patience, Reason, or Another Value to come to a better understanding of ourselves and our role in the world. We do Pray, but the issues we pray for, we then outwardly attempt to resolve. We seek Wisdom through many Sources and find the Divine in all things, from a stone to the dust it is ground into when concrete is made. We believe Our Kind is Forever Adapting, seeking peace and solace through the Sacred Pursuits.

An Old PhoneCalling

Can you get that? Maybe The Calling is for you.

Are you troubled by the woes of our world? Do you wish there was something you could do that breathed effective change into the events around you and the world? Perhaps ou are Called to effect Our kind of Change. Step into a world of grace and solemnity, and carry Our Mission always to others.

You may be young. You may be aged. It is never too late to to seek Truth and Enlightenment. We have no paths but education. We seek to teach and to learn. Perhaps one of our Orders is for you.

Figure of an Observic


Listen to Us and the world more. You are welcome to just watch, and you will automatically be known to us in this way. Visit once or all the time, and you will learn.


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The Figure of a Meditin


You are thoughtful and kind, yet quiet, reserved and dignified. You are welcoming to visitors and strangers and bear no ill will. You can silently speak your mind.


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Figure of a Preten


You are active and verbal. You find learning through guiding others, reading and understanding their insights. You plant seeds of thought and faith as well as life giving food.


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You are a gatherer and people seek you for answers. You are teacher, advisor, guide, and organizer all in one and inspired by Our Truth and Enlightenment. You take a quiet path of meditation and reflection.


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The WorldCommunity

Be careful not to perform your righteous acts before any to be seen by them.

We are constantly performing Great Works in the communities which we inhabit. We seldom, if ever, advertise it is us however. We do not believe in such self aggrandizement, it does not become us or Our Path or Faith. Here is small list of works and organizations we perform or work in concert with (we do not link to their home websites out of respect for our functions for and within them).

Organizations List (Partial):
  • Peace Corps
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  • World Health Organization
General List (Partial):
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Food Pantries
  • Emergency Aid Centers
  • Disaster Relief Funds and Organizations
  • Annual Giving to Local and National Public Broadcasters
  • Youth Organizations (not limited by other faiths)
  • Hostels
  • Rehabilitation Centers

Our Community

Coins of GenerosityDonate

Happiness is not having much. Happiness is giving much.

We accept all kinds of giving from funds to furniture or from food to facilities. We only ask that you give only what you can adequately provide without making yourself uncomfortable. This can be achieved by giving time to labor or prayer; or money in a weekly, monthly, or annual tribute. We have found in Our Following that the more that is given, the more is received by the giver. You may provided with funds of a cerain amount, and then find yourself without having to pay your for your data plan that month. This is how our internal community works. Like the world at large we recognize the interconnectivity of all things, and where something is given; something must in turn be received. You may almost think of it as a guideline of equivalent exchange. Please, give what you can by first contacting us and a Preten will reach out to you in turn.

Thank you.